Do you have what it takes to make it?

In order to become a San Antonio Police Department Corps member, you must be able to pass a few qualifications. First, there is a P.T. test that closely resembles the Cooper’s test that is administered to SAPD police cadets during their training at the academy.   However, the minimum score for PSCs is below that of the SAPD cadets.  Next is a background investigation that will look at how you have handled yourself as a citizen of San Antonio. Finally, there is a peer assessment. This assessment is done by your future peers of the post, which is usually the command staff. They will test your ability to make quick decisions under pressure. These are just a few things that you will endure before coming an actual PSC.

Once you have passed these assessments, your police PSC journey will begin. The meetings consist of learning and interpreting the Texas Penal code, proper police techniques of handcuffing, traffic stops, handling disturbances, and searching techniques.  PSCs can even train to attend PSC competitions that are hosted all over the state of Texas as well as the whole United States.

So come start your PSC experience today. Check out the PSC post you would like to attend and fill out the survey.

 Applicant Requirements:

Applicant must be 14 years old and cannot exceed 21 years old

Applicant must be able to pass a physical fitness test (see below)

Applicant must attend 3 consecutive meetings

Applicant must be in good academic standings at school

Applicant must pass a background and finger print check

Physical Fitness Requirements:

Applicant must be able to score a 120 out of a possible 200 from the following PT requirements to be considered as a SAPD PSC. Please practice and be ready to complete the PT test when you are interviewed to become a PSC at any post.

Men Points Women
49 50 45
46 40 42
41 30 37
37 20 31
32 10 21
Men Points Women
51 50 33
44 40 27
35 30 19
27 20 14
19 10 9
300m sprint
Men Points Women
<49 50 <58
51 40 59.7
55 30 62.7
60 20 74.5
69 10 88
1.5 mile run
Men Points Women
<10 50 <11:33
10:43 40 12:24
11:41 30 13:48
12:53 20 15:14
14:34 10 17:38
All San Antonio Police PSC posts are dedicated to officers that were lost in the line of duty. Each post number reflects the officers badge number to pay tribute in their honor. PSCs are proud of their posts and show pride and courage in honor of the fallen officers.